Themed Escape Rooms in Arlington Heights, IL

My "Crazy EX"

Your special day has arrived but there is a problem. You get a call from the wedding planner that the rings have been misplaced and you, your fiance and the wedding party need to come to the office to help find them. When you get to the office you find out the call was made by your Crazy Ex who wants to sabotage the ceremony with explosive consequences.

U.S. Customs - Entry Denied

You’ve arrived at New Yorks, LaGuardia Airport and are being escorted to the customs office and your passports have been confiscated. You come to find that the customs officer is part of a smuggling ring and is a person of interest by the F.B.I. To avoid arrest the customs officer is going to plant the smuggled items in your luggage to frame you. You have 60 minutes to find the smuggled items and your passports to avoid arrest and enter the U.S. before the officer returns to take you to JAIL!


High School Reunion "Gone Bad"

It's the night of your reunion and you and your friends decide to cut thru Mr. Ashford's haunted woods.  Ever since you were young,  you have seen signs posted... beware, stay away - and have even heard the horrific stories of other kids' mysterious disappearance in these haunted woods by the psycho                 Mr. Ashford.  Halfway thru your shortcut, a huge rain storm suddenly kicks up.  You and your friends see an old shack as you run to get out of the rain.  As you enter the shack, the door suddenly slams behind you, only to find out it's Mr. Ashford's house and you're smack in the middle of your own horror story!  You must find the patch cords to deactivate the lock, so you can escape before Mr. Ashford returns and turns you and your friends into just another scary story!

Double Trouble - Opens late August

You and your elite team of nuclear scientists have engineered the construction of a new state-of-the-art control room in the nuclear power plant.

All of your tests have been conducted.  Today is the day to switch on the new, multi-million dollar control room.  Shockingly, as you transition from the old room, the new room won't engage leaving the plant without any operational control rooms.  Nuclear meltdown!


Neither room controls anything!

lf the core overheats it will cause a hydrogen explosion!  Radioactive vapors will escape into the atmosphere, making it uninhabitable to all life forms for hundreds of miles.

Your team must figure out how to save the nuclear power plant by getting the old control room back online.  You must start the reactor cooling system before a catastrophic, core meltdown!